Age: 2years 3months
Tested by: Håkan Sköld

Scale between 1-6 (1 low, 6 high)
(translated from swedish mentality test)

Availability (tillgänglighet)
Responding to strangers 4
Hunting and "fighting spirit" (jakt och kamplustförmåga)
Desire to persecute visible change and interest in the spoils 4
Playfulness (kamplust)
Desire to fight/play with or against something / anything 3
Curiousity 3
Sharpness (skärpa)
Ability to become angry 4
Defense (Försvarslust)
Ability to respond to threat 3

Nervconstitutution (nervkonstitutution)
stress level / concentration and ability to let go 3
Hardness (Hårdhet)
Showed social status, independence 3
Strenght (Dådkraft)
Ability to overcome fear 2
Concentration (koncentration)
under och mellan testsituationerna 4
Abreaction (Avreaktion)
The ability to lower stress levels for a commitment 3
Gunshot proof (skott)
Gundshot proof