SVCH Prästens LeRoy Light of Argos - 13/12-04 - 13/5-13

My beloved Leroy <3

It is with deep sorrow and sad heart we very suddenly had to say good bye to Leroy in 2013.

He has a very special place in my heart since he was my very own first dog. He is the son of our Argos, and dad of our Ifa. He came to us when I was 16 years old, by then we already had dad Argos 4years in the house.

Leroy was everyones teddy bear. Loved to cuddle and to be close. The opposite to Argos in many ways. If Argos was born an old soul, Ifa was a big boy with a puppy personality. Loved everyone and everything. He was forever a puppy and very playful and positive to everything that we introduced him to. His son Ifa is very similar to Leroy in many ways.

With full engine he was a very fun working dog. Me that always wanted Argos to be playful had got the one dog I ever wanted. You could see in Leroys eyes that he was so grateful to life. 

Leroy was shown successfully during 1year (before I moved abroad). He is the sire of 3litters, and left a total of 27puppies after him. 2 litters in Norway and one in sweden. 19 of this 27 puppies are X-rayed and 18/19 is HD/ED free. All with ridge. 

Leroy past away only 8years old, due to a tumour on his kidney that bloated. It came very suddenly and it was very sad. I am very grateful that he mated Lolita only few weeks before he past, in order for me to keep a puppy after him. Therefor Ifa also has a very special place in our hearts <3