DEA DECORAS ARGOS CV - 19/5-00 - 13/2-13

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Afrikanas Akamba x Krismidt´s Dancing Duke

Multi CH Dea Decoras Argos CV – Left us in 2013 due to old age (13y old)

The name Argos came from the greek mytology. Argos was a 100 eyed primordial giant and guardian. He was also called "all-seeing" and because of that was described as multi-eyed, strong creature, whose eyes would never sleep. The description sounded good we thought, since we wanted a guard dog. But that was not the case and our Argos did not live up to his name. He slept with both eyes closed. VERY CLOSED. Mostly our Argos was very tired, and guarding he left for us to take care of.

Argos was a great familymember, and a perfect ”first” dog. Balanced and cool. Gentle, brave, calm and a true leader. Because of his lovely temper, he was to become a successful studdog.

Argos came to us from Kennel Dea Decora in year 2000. I was only 13years old, and he became mostly my mothers dog.He really was a "one person" dog and did not really need anyone else than my mum.
Argos came to us as a puppy, but was born an old soul. Argos was steadfast and solid, and did as he wanted to or not at all. Argos was such a smart dog, and fascinated me in many ways. I could count the time he barked on one hand and he always kept calm in all situations. 

Argos is the sire to our second RR Leroy (Dea Decoras Argos x Djungelkattens windflower to priest)​, and great grandfather to our Ifa (Prästens Leroy light of Argos x Eyes catcher out of africa).

Argos was shown succesfully during 2years. During that time he became SE UCH, FI UCH, NORD CH, INT UCH SE VCH NO VCH.

Argos breeding statistic:
Total of 9litters (70 puppies in total) 95% HD free, 100% ED free, all with ridge;

Alfalyans kennel

Hamnuddens kennel

Ghalis kennel

Ökensandens Kennel

Prästens Kennel

Linnaja kennel

6 litters in sweden (50puppies), 42 xrayed (40 HD/ED free, 1 C/0 (linnajas), 1 D/0 (linnajas) )

Amagebas kennel
1litter in Norway (10puppies) all x-rayed and all HD/ED free, all correct

Lionwolfs kennel
1 litter in Finland (5puppies) 3 xrayed, all 3 HD/ED free, all correct

Nombekos kennel
1litter in Germany (4puppies)

He will be in our hearts and in our dogs as a memory <3